who we are

Trees By Woods (TBW) is passionate about trees and strives to help homeowners and businesses enhance and preserve the long tree value of their trees.  With proper care, trees have the potential to live for generations to come.  The value of what TBW provides is not only in taking care of your tree's current needs, but also in being concerned with what the tree will be in twenty years.

Quality tree care strives to be proactive rather than reactive.  When TBW' evaluates a tree, we look for the proper conditions and attempt to resolve the causes of future problems rather than simply treating symptoms.

Trees By Woods believes the following are the keys to healthy trees:
       1.  Right tree for a location and proper conditions for the tree

       2.  Properly exposed root flare, free of circling or girdling roots

       3.  Proper watering practices  (this is critical as we see many trees struggle due to improper watering practices)

       4.  Proper pruning techniques and avoidance of excessive pruning

       5.  Monitoring and management of infestations and diseases as needed

Danny Myall, ISA Certified Arborist, Operations Manger

Danny brings 30 plus years of experience in the landscape and nursery business in the Dallas area. In addition to being a Certified Arborist, Danny is also a Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional. Coming from the landscape industry, Danny has a broad knowledge of plants and  his experiences are valuable in helping TBW  manage  trees on a landscape project.  Danny and his wife LuAnn are actively raising a budding football star.  He is active at his Church and has a real compassion for people.

Tyson Woods, Arborist, owner of Trees By Woods

Tyson has been fortunate to have been involved with the creation and care of many of the finest gardens and trees in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1975.  Tyson and his wife Karen have two daughters and three grand children in training to be future arborists.  He is active at his Church and over the years has been active as an arborist at the Dallas Arboretum. Tyson is a frequent speaker to garden clubs and any other gathering where people are interested in learning about trees. He frequently draws the association between his last name, Woods, and his chosen vocation. Tyson says, "It was meant for me to help people take care of their trees."

Trees By Woods employs talented individuals who share Tyson's  passion for trees and commitment to providing quality tree care.  Trees are incredibly valuable to enhancing the quality of life and the beauty of our gardens and communities.  There is nothing more noble than planting a tree for future generations to enjoy.

Polo Macedo, Senior Production Foreman

Polo and Tyson have worked together for over thirty years. Polo has a unique gift that gives him a very good eye for scale and proportion that is very important for maintaining proper pruning techniques. Polo always has a smile and instills great pride in the production crews at TBW. He is one of the hardest working individuals you will ever find. He has a heart of gold.

Mallory Woods Jacob, Support Manager 

Mallory manages the office. She and her husband Nick enjoy  being the proud parents of a beautiful young daughter. Mallory is always eager to help with a smile. She joined TBW after a career in human resources. She served as the chapter advisor to the local chapter of her sorority for several years. She knows how to get things done.