The Air-spade is a great tool for opening holes in compacted soils to increase air to the roots.  These holes can be left open or top dressed with appropriate organic amendments.

  TBW may suggest the following services to improve tree health:

  • Aeration to improve compacted soils. This can be digging of individual holes, radial trenching or aeration of the entire root zone area. Compaction reduces air flow to the roots. Roots actually need air more than they need water.
  • Topdressing with organic materials to stimulate life in the soil.
  • Granular or foliar application of fertilizers to stimulate growth.
  • Foliar applications of organic insecticides/fungicides as needed for infestations and diseases.

Prior to recommending what are considered traditional tree health services/treatments, TBW recommends that root flare work be completed as many problems can be dramatically improved by simply correcting root flare issues.