After selecting the right tree, it is critically important for it to be properly planted.  Unfortunately, because of current growing practices it is often very difficult to properly plant trees at the correct depth and free of girdling roots. Most trees are grown too deep in their containers or in their root balls, in the case of field grown trees. TBW is very aware of these conditions and looks for trees where the excess soil and girdling roots can be removed at the time of planting. Additionally, we look for trees with strong central leaders and trees free of structurally weak crotches.

Preparing a tree for planting takes a comittment and extra time. Unfortunately, an incredibly high percentage of trees planted by homeowners and contractors are planted with problems that could be corrected if given the necessary time and attention. If the root flare is too deep and girdling roots are covered by soil, the trees will be planted with a ticking time bomb that will limit the long term potential for the tree. TBW takes the time required to properly prepare a tree for planting.

Prior to planting you need to uncover the root flare and remove any girdling roots.

Tyson picking out a nice Mexican Sycamore, one of his favorite trees.

Planting a tree is believing in the future. TBW takes great pride in helping clients select varieties of trees which  are well suited for the location where they will be planted. We locate quality trees from a wide variety of sources, looking for trees that will grow well and achieve the desired results for which the tree is being planted. We can help find trees ranging from a few hundred dollars up to trees costing tens of thousands of dollars.  Unless a client desires the immediate impact a large tree creates, we encourage planting smaller trees as they are usually much easier to establish and developmental pruning is easier, ensuring strong long lasting trees.