Due to the unpredictable nature of corrective root flare work, all services are provided on a time basis. The factors influencing the time required are: 
         a. number of trees
         b. size of trees
         c. depth of root flare below the surrounding area. For example, is the flare 4” deep or 12” deep?
         d. extent and severity of girdling roots
         e. texture of soil and moisture level (good soil moisture dramatically reduces time required)
         f. accessibility, plantings, and improvements immediately surrounding the trees
         g. complexity of clean up required and whether excavated soil can be left on site

RATES including normal equipment
         Service Call        (within 30 miles of Dallas Love Field)       $85.00 

                                   (outside 30 miles)                                   price will be quoted
         Lead technician                                                               $85.00 per hour

         Additional technician                                                      $65.00 per hour per technician

There is a two crew hour minimum. Minimum charge including service call and one man crew would be $385. All charges are taxable.

We often work to established time budgets and attempt to maximize the benefits of the services provided within the established budgets.

We strongly encourage homeowners to be home and available when the work is performed so that priorities can be adjusted as the work proceeds.  This type of work often requires that decisions be made relative to the amount of time required versus the potential benefit to a particular tree. Example:  The time required to achieve 75% of the potential improvement might be one (1) hour while to achieve 95% percent improvement may require a disproportional amount of additional time. The incremental improvement might not be worth the additional time required. Our experienced technicians routinely help our clients evaluate the costs versus benefits.

It is important to remember that the uncovering of covered root flares and the removal of girdling roots is not a magical cure all.  If a particular tree is severely stressed this process might not benefit the tree.  Trees By Woods cannot guarantee the survival of any trees we work on.  We are attempting to improve the conditions of trees, and we will advise our client when we are not comfortable with our ability to help a particular tree. We have been involved with the uncovering of thousands of trees and have a long history of helping thousands of trees with improved health and vigor.

One of the primary goals of Trees By Woods is helping to educate consumers so they can become better buyers of trees. The most effective time to address the issue of planting depth and girdling roots is at the time of planting.  Unfortunately, most trees continue to be planted in conditions that limit their long term potential.