Bad pruning aka "Crepe Murder" is a detrimental practice.

PRUNING   It is important to realize that often pruning is for our benefit rather than for the tree's benefit. There are obvious reasons to prune, but we need to remember  that many trees are weakened by excessive pruning. The quality of a pruning job should not be measured  by how big a pile of limbs we create but rather on the selective removal of limbs that will promote the long term health of the tree.

General Pruning

If your pruning job is extremely obvious when someone drives up to your property, there is a very good chance that your trees were over pruned. The ultimate compliment for a good pruning job is that it is not immediately obvious that a tree has been pruned. Deadwood should be removed along with crossing or conflicting branches, weak crotches, and excessive weight in heavy sections. Selective thinning is appropriate if additional sun is needed for under plantings. Additionally, it is important to prune to clear roofs, structures, utility lines, driveways and walks.

We advise our clients to be much more selective when considering who prunes your trees compared to when you need a tree removed.  A chain saw in the hand of the wrong individual can ruin a tree in a matter of minutes and time can not always repair the damage done.

Developmental Pruning

Often the most valuable pruning we can do is what we refer to as Development Pruning.  The best time for this pruning is when the trees are young. The selective removal of specific limbs can avoid future problems and failures. We can influence the structural strength of a tree when we encourage a strong central leader and appropriately spaced scaffolding branches. Wise pruning early in a tree's development will save money in the long term and you will have a stronger  tree with a greater life expectancy.


TBW has very experienced climbers that are capable of efficient and safe removals. Whether over a sun room or out in the open lawn, TBW can safety remove even the largest of trees. We have extensive experience utilizing cranes to assist with removals when appropriate.

Developmental  pruning: removal of the weaker of the co-dominate trunks when the tree is small will avoid a future splitting of these Red Maples

Good general pruning: removal of deadwood and conflicting branches, selective thinning